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January 3rd, 2006

Meme: Five weird habits @ 08:30 pm

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We have alchemist to thank for this meme.

Ground Rules: The first player of this "game" starts with the topic "5 weird habits" and people who get tagged need to write an LJ entry about their 5 quirky habits. Include this rule and choose the next 5 people to be tagged and list their names.

1. When eating small food items, I always eat the items in pairs, with the items being of equal size. For instance, I eat french fries and sliced carrots this way. When I run out of pairs, I usually stop eating that food item.
2. I always put the toilet paper roll on the spindle so that the "open" end is away from the wall and it comes over the top of the roll. I cannot STAND people who won't put a new roll on the spindle but who instead place the new roll on a surface near the toilet. Do they think the toilet paper fairy lives here?
3. When concentrating very hard on a task, I often stick my tongue out a little and bite it to keep it there.
4. Even the subtle light of an alarm-clock display bothers me in my room at night. I usually cover the face of the clock with a paperback book or CD case.
5. I compulsively reuse unscented dryer sheets as if they were precious and/or still functional after one load. I don't know why I do this, because I put a new one in with each load too. I suppose I might some day dry a whole load of dryer sheets, but they seem to escape with the dry clothes on a regular basis. :-)

And now for the friends to be tagged for this meme. Instead of selecting those I'm most curious about, I'm selecting those whose strange habits I'm least likely to know, to wit: amei_unmei, poeticlioness, xoopmagick, kylakae, and morghon.
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Date:January 4th, 2006 07:37 pm (UTC)

I can only list five? Hmm...

Since I don't know five people here, but I'm oddly compelled to share five weird habits, I'll just post them here...

1. I don't like to be routine or predictable (even though I'm sure I am), so once I realize I have a 'weird habit' I usually change it (and replace it with some other completely weird habit I'm sure). For example, I used to only keep my car keys in my left pants pocket. Once I realized I 'always' did that, I gave up caring what pocket they were in. Now whenever I reach for my keys, it's almost always into the wrong pocket first. Ah well...ce la vie.

2. When the question "Guess what?" is posed to me, it's all I can do not to respond with "Chicken butt fried in grease! Want a piece?". In fact, I don't really try to fight it much anymore. If you don't want to hear it, don't ask me to guess.

3. When I put the lid on my coffee cup, the seam for the cup (a paper cup) has to be at the 'back' of the cup, opposite the drinking hole. Everytime. No exceptions.

4. I don't typically let food on my plate mix together, and when I eat, I eat all of one thing on my plate first, then move on to another thing and finish it before...lather, rinse, repeat.

5. I have to have something to read when I'm using the restroom. Not so much of a problem at home, but outside of home I've been reduced to reading the backs of dollar bills, shampoo bottles, air freshener cans, cash register receipts...anything. I'm not sure why this is.

Okay, so does all this make me a complete freak? Then again, you did ask for 'weird'.

Waxing Change

full-orbit insanity