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Waxing Change

full-orbit insanity

11 July 1967
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Let's see... born in Livingston, NJ. Moved to North Carolina when I was 12. Went to Enloe Magnet High School in Raleigh (loved it, made many life-long friends). I got my first Internet email account in September of 1983, and I've had email ever since. My first son was born February 11, 1984, and was placed for adoption via Children's Home Society in Greensboro. I'm looking for him; I'm curious. I walked across the country in 1986 on the Great Peace March. I lived in Philadelphia for 4.5 years, worked in the national office of a major peace & justice non-profit and made many more wonderful friends. In 1991, I sold my soul to the computer industry and worked for high school friends of mine in Raleigh, NC. Then I got involved in technical writing. I met my first husband on IRC in 1995 when he was studying at Cambridge in England and I was living in Durham, NC. We got married in February of 1996. Several days after Hurricane Fran devastated inland North Carolina, we moved to Atlanta. After some devastating tornadoes cut through the Norcross area in Georgia (where I worked), we moved to Washington State and still love it. I'm not planning on moving from this state any time soon, so let's skip the natural disasters, shall we? :-) In June of 1998, I started working at Microsoft. Hmmmm. I had my first cornea transplant in February of 1999 (a smashing success)! My lovely daughter was born at home in January of 2000. Bliss. I had bariatric surgery (RNY) in September of 2001. The divorce got underway in November of 2001. I had an extended abdominoplasty and bilateral brachioplasty in July 2002. In 2003, I took a break from the annual surgery routine. LOL I had my second cornea transplant in May of 2004. I was laid off from Microsoft in September of 2004. I had significant weight regain due to problems with my original surgery so I had a revision to distal RNY on April 28, 2005. I married my second husband, John, in October 2006, and on April 24, 2008, our son Felix was born at home, with his half-sisters Joanne and Heather present. On September 1, 2010, I start my next adventure, working for HTC (the smartphone company) -- an exciting and challenging role that will involve living in Taiwan 6 months a year!
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